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Be The Mona Lisa of YOUR OWN Masterpiece! We dont Just Take Pictures, we create ART......

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What We Offer

WE ARE THE PREMIER PHOTOGRAPHERS IN ELK GROVE CA. Our photography is more like art and we are proud to say that elk grove ca residents give us rave reviews for our work. With a variety of packages available, there is something for everyone!

Most people think of photos as a way to capture memories, but very few pictures truly stand out as works of art to display on your walls. 


Our Difference

With our unique style and artistic vision, we can make every photo an experience worth remembering. One that is worthy of your Mantle. One that visitors will remain breathless over. We believe that the best photos are not just images, they tell stories and represent feelings, and display emotions. Our goal is to create 

 works of art that will be cherished for generations to come!



DNA Premium Photography- Elk Grove Photographer

At DNA Premium Photography we're passionate about creating timeless photographs you'll cherish forever. We take pride in providing each customer with a custom-tailored experience designed around their needs and desires. Do you have a DNA piece of art in your elk grove ca home?


The Best Elk Grove CA Photographers

- We take your photos seriously

-"If you want the best, come to DNA Premium Photography" 

-Only the highest quality images are good enough for our clients

-We never use auto settings because we care about what your pictures look like.

Amazing Portrait Photography In Elk Grove CA

- We offer a different type of photography that is high-end art. You will be proud to display your photo with one of our products on your coffee table or put it in your office lobby and call it high-quality art

- All photos are created by experienced photographers who have been working together for over ten years

- Our photos can be used as home décor because they are high quality and artistic

The best photography in the Elk Grove CA Area

- Our photography is world-class. Every photo artfully captured

- Premium Photography make a big difference, especially in the elk grove ca area 

- We only use high-quality lighting and backdrops to provide your Home or Brand with the best image possible 

- Get great photos for your marketing without having to go anywhere

High-End Photography In Elk Grove, CA

- DNA Premium Photography stands out among the competition

- Get high caliber photography

- DNA is art for your home or office, created by artists and photographers who put their heart into each photo 

- Quality is unsurpassed at DNA

Premium Photography In Elk Grove CA

• Every photo is a unique piece of art created for you and your elk grove ca home

• We offer the best service for the high-end market, but we also have more affordable packages

Superb High-End Photos by DNA Premium Photography

• High-end luxury quality to make your home stand out

• Make your home feel like it deserves to be showcased in a magazine

• Professional photography that's tailored for you and your house

• Get an artist's perspective on your property with beautiful pictures



The DNA Difference

You're tired of the same old photos that look like everyone else's. You want your pictures to be unique and special, but you don't know where to start looking for a photographer who can deliver what you want.


Imagine having a professional photographer capture every moment perfectly so that when you look at your pictures years from now, they'll bring back all the emotions and feelings of that day as if it was happening all over again.


DNA Premium Photography is an award-winning photography company with more than 10 years of experience in capturing memories. We provide top-notch, high-end, and luxurious photography services in Elk Grove, CA area that is seen and viewed as art.

Family Photographer

We are family photographers in Elk Grove, CA. We have a passion for family pictures and would love to hear from you about your family's needs. Family photos can be taken at any time of year with many different backgrounds; a picnic on the beach or an afternoon playing ball to name just two examples. It is important that these memories last forever so when we capture them they will stay vivid and alive which our family photographer in Elk Grove, CA strives for in all their work!


Family portraits? Bring it on – DNA Premium Photography has been creating beautiful family portraits since 2009!


Our team specializes in photographing families together as well as taking individual pictures of each member- making sure everybody gets plenty of attention no matter what age

Birth Photography

DNA Premium Photography is proud to be a provider of amazing birth photos in Elk Grove, CA.

We will work with you guys and your baby's birth team to create the perfect birth images experience for both momma and baby in these special moments. our birth photographer in Elk Grove can make it happen!


Birth is one of the most significant moments in life and so we want to capture great pictures in this beautiful moment for you and your family forever. Contact us today


We specialize in capturing the beauty of every person’s birth- whether it's your first child or you're preparing for that next bundle from conception onward! You don't have to worry about being an expert at posing because we know what works and can help make sure you are looking perfect no matter where you might be; on the bed, hanging out with friends before baby comes and everything else! It doesn't even matter if there is one partner or two parents - our team will work with everyone until they feel comfortable enough so when we capture those amazing moments.


Wedding Photographer

DNA Premium Photography is the Elk Grove wedding photographers of choice in elk grove, ca. We will help you make your wedding day memories into a lifetime of happiness.

We have been capturing weddings for a while, and we know how to work with all types of personalities from different cultures as well as working under pressure. We work great with your wedding planner or wedding vendors. After nearly ten years spent photographing couples on their wedding days, our team has perfected what works best for both bride and groom so they can enjoy every moment of your wedding day!

We are a team of professionals that offer both traditional and artistic wedding photography in elk grove, ca. We have experience with wedding days from all religious traditions and cultures, as well as interfaith ceremonies.

We strive to give you the best customer service possible for your special wedding day while working within your budget restrictions. You deserve only the best wedding photography service in the city.

We know how important your wedding day is and that's why we pride ourselves on being the best Elk Grove Wedding Photographers.

No matter if it's an intimate ceremony or a huge party- DNA Premium Photography specializes in assisting people who want to preserve these moments forever. We are ready when you are - call us today to book your wedding photographer

Portrait Photography

The portraits that we provide are like none other in the area.

We will capture your portrait in the best way possible with our skilled team, and we'll make sure that you are happy with what we create.

A great portrait is more than just a photo of someone's face; it captures their personality - who they really are.

This means shooting a wide variety of poses to get those expressions so that when people see them years from now, they can remember how each person felt on this day. We pursue true beauty and care about every single detail because there has never been anything as special as capturing memories!

Portrait photography is an art form for us- not only do we take professional photographs but also have other artists involved like graphic designers or retouchers to give your images exactly what you want and need.

Maternity Photos

When it comes to Maternity Photography in Elk Grove, we are the leading providers.

Our maternity photography is the area's most popular. Our photography is true to life and captures your personality, who you really are - this means shooting a wide variety of poses to get those expressions so that when people see them years from now they can remember how each person felt on this day! We pursue true beauty and care about every single detail because there has never been anything more special than capturing memories! Maternity Photography is an art form for us.

We understand that maternity sessions may be emotional which is why we provide a safe environment where you can relax and feel at ease with us as your Maternity photographer.

The beauty of nature is something that will never get old and it's no different when capturing a pregnancy. I'm so excited to share with you some information about our maternity photography studio located in Elk Grove California! We specialize in creating beautiful portraits for expecting parents during their journey of bringing life into this world through amazing photos taken by people who care deeply about your experience and work hard to make sure every detail is perfect. Whether it be just yourself, two or even three generations of family members there is always an opportunity for us to capture these moments that will last forever as memories shared across generations - come book your session with us today.

Boudoir Photography

What is boudoir photography? Boudoir photography is a term used to describe images of the person in their underwear or less, typically for romantic purposes. It can be done as an individual photo shoot with just one person present (the boudoir photographer), but usually, it's more about posing and letting your favorite lingerie do all the talking instead of you! Our Boudoir Photographer can capture the beauty inside of you and display it for you to see. 

People come from all over to receive a boudoir photo session by our boudoir photographer  because we are Elk Grove's Premier Providers of boudoir Photography. If your looking for the areas best Elk Grove Boudoir Photograpeher, youve come to the right place. We know that people want nothing short of excellence when they choose someone for this type of special moment so we work hard every day to ensure each client gets VIP treatment from our boudoir photographer.

Graduation Photography

Graduation photography is a graduation tradition that has been handed down from one generation to the next for decades. We would like to help continue this fantastic graduation ritual by providing professional graduation photographers who can deliver high-quality photos with an individual touch.


Our graduation photographer will come prepared and dressed in formal attire to make sure they blend seamlessly into your event! They'll be on time, ready, and eager to capture those memorable moments of joyous celebration. All of our graduates deserve the best so we hire only experienced professionals - no amateurs here! Graduations are always great memories but it's important they're documented properly too because these images last forever as keepsakes or family heirloom

DNA Premium Photography

DNA Premium Photography is an Elk Grove, CA-based company that offers photography services to the Elk Grove and Sacramento surrounding areas. We offer our clients high-quality photos with an artistic flair that are viewed as top-notch and of premium quality. Our photography has been described by many as more like art than just photos, giving it a unique tone and a place for your Mantel.